Evergreen Governance

The world doesn't stand still so neither should your approach to Governance. Microsoft continuously release new capabilities into Microsoft 365, your business objectives change overtime, and you need to constantly stay on top of regulatory requirements. Your approach to Governance needs to incorporate this ever changing world. M2Cloud.Services has a well established approach to keeping your Governance evergreen. From ensuring your technical teams are prepared for upcoming features, your controls and policies align to the latest business strategy through to ensuring your people are ready to embrace those new features.

Evergreen Governance
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Improve Engagement

  • Collaborate while learning instead of just presenting
  • Crowd source ideas and approaches
  • Enable a safe space to discuss and debate

Drive a culture of collaboration

Provide Flexibility

  • Provide the same quality of learning regardless of location
  • Enable live or on-demand access to learning content through a single process
  • Provide access to everyone with enhanced accessibility features and extended language support

Learning, any where, any time, and for everyone

Gain Insights

  • Understand the effectiveness of your teaching and training
  • Proactively identify learners that are struggling
  • Tailor training material to learners based on learner insights

Use analytics to drive effectiveness