M365 Strategy and Governance

Embarking on a modern collaborative digital workplace transformation can be a massive undertaking. Consideration needs to be made into how the technology will be used and implemented, what processes and behavioural changes you need to maximise the business value, how you'll manage new features and functions as they're released and what internal or regulatory compliance requirements do you need to address amongst a plethora of other considerations. M2Cloud.Services can help you ensure you get the value proposition you're after through our M365 Strategy and Governance Service.

M365 Strategy and Governance
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  • Define and work towards business goals not IT solutions
  • Embrace the art of possible
  • Map business goals to success criteria

Focus on Business Value


  • Ensure a logical path from goals to delivery
  • Align with broader organisational objectives and industry trends
  • Set the groundwork for future growth and opportunities

Define a value oriented path


  • Set controls proactively not reactively
  • Understand why and when to apply controls
  • Manage the ongoing governance in line with business and industry changes

Start small grow big